Gary Hart Best Quotes

Gary Richard Williams, (January 24, 1942 – March 16, 2008) was an American professional wrestling manager, as well as a professional wrestler in his early career, best known by his ring name Gary Hart. Hart was one of the pivotal driving forces behind what is considered to be World Class Championship Wrestling’s “golden years” in the early 1980s. Enjoy Gary Hart’s best quotes below.

Gary Hart
“I think there is one higher office than president and I would call that patriot.”
“Follow me around. I don’t care. If anybody wants to put a tail on me, go ahead. They’d be very bored.”
“If you want the government off your back, get your hands out of its pockets.”
“This is one Hart that you will not leave in San Francisco.”
“The attractive lady whom I had only recently been introduced to dropped into my lap… I chose not to dump her off.”
“You can get awful famous in this country in seven days.”

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