Freddy Rodriguez Best Quotes

Freddy Rodriguez is an American actor known for playing the characters Hector Federico “Rico” Diaz on HBO’s Six Feet Under and El Wray in Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror. Enjoy Freddy Rodriguez’s best quotes below.

“I’m drawn more to quality, and so if the quality is in television, I go in that direction. If it’s in film, I go in that direction. But I don’t limit myself or discriminate against any of the mediums.”
“I would absolutely recommend for actors to start in the theater because it establishes a foundation in your craft that you can build off of.”
“Get in theater, really work your craft. Get really, really good so that when people say your name, your name is associated with quality, with integrity.”
“Personally, I need to learn every word on the page before I go in and audition. I have not mastered the skill of holding pages in my hand and acting with pages in my hand. I find that every time I have to look at the page it takes me completely out of the scene.”
“If an actor is going to be an action hero, do it in a Robert Rodriguez movie, because that guy is going to make you look like a million bucks.”
“I came from the stage so it was a different kind of acting, or a different arena of acting, and I just loved to do it as a kid. It’s really gratifying to get to create these different characters and to get to create different voices and to get to wear different clothes.”
“No, there isn’t a particular type of genre that I’m drawn to. I’m more drawn to the possibility of creating different characters, or being able to go from one genre to the other and to show that I could do it, that I could be good at it.”
“When I was a kid, my pop used to take me to the double feature. He would take me – I had two brothers – and we used to go in the early ’80s and check out these grindhouse movies – a double feature, sometimes a triple feature.”

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