Frank Stallone Best Quotes

Frank P. Stallone, Jr. is an American actor, singer/guitarist, and a Grammy and Golden Globe-nominated songwriter. He is the younger brother of Sylvester Stallone. Enjoy Frank Stallone’s best quotes below.

“One night I was standing on Third Avenue playing my guitar, when this big Irish policeman came strolling by, and stopped to listen to my singing and playing. When I was done, he politely handed me a ticket for disturbing the peace, while at the same time telling me how much he liked my voice. I wish I still had that ticket.”
“If you get married, you become vulnerable.”
“If you hear Bing Crosby trying to swing, it doesn’t work. He swings like a rusty gate.”
“Recording an album and doing it live are like two different animals. There are some people that are great singers live, horrible in the studio.”

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