Drew Lachey Best Quotes

Andrew John “Drew” Lachey is an American singer and actor. He is known as a member of 98 Degrees, the winner of the second season of Dancing with the Stars, and is the younger brother of Nick Lachey. Enjoy Drew Lachey’s best quotes below.

“I have this blanket thing about giving parenting advice to parents, and that’s: ‘Don’t take other people’s advice on parenting.’”
“Some secrets are meant to be taken to the grave, and that’s what I plan on doing with all mine. They’re not necessarily my secrets to tell. I’m the gatekeeper of other people’s secrets.”
“I teach musical theater three days a week at the school that my wife and I graduated from.”
“With families, your priorities shift. You’re not going to be like, ‘Let’s go out on tour year-round.’ I have kids in school. You have to lay things out.”
“I don’t know how many 78-year-olds are listening to 98 Degrees music.”
“Once you step on that stage, to me, that’s where I feel most comfortable – performing live. So that’s something would do each and every day of my life if I could.”
“I’m trying to be the best father and take care of my kids.”
“Mary Hart says she meant to stay on ‘Entertainment Tonight’ for three years. She was on for 29.”
“I was a wallflower when I was younger, and at a young age, I was too embarrassed. So I didn’t start dancing until around 20, and obviously when you’re in a boy band, you kinda have to.”
“Love your kid as much as you possibly can, and do what you need to do for your family because my situation and what I do for my kid may not work for you.”
“My dad wouldn’t even start the car until he heard the click of every seat belt.”

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