Dominik Garcia Lorido Best Quotes

Dominik Cristina García-Lorido is an American actress known for playing roles in The Lost City as Mercedes Fellove and City Island as Vivian Rizzo. Currently, she plays the role of Mercedes Lazaro in the 2012 drama Magic City on the Starz network. Enjoy Dominik Garcia Lorido’s best quotes below.

“I always thought on my own that what is a huge part of being an actor, or what made me a better actor, was just really living life. Not being closed in on life, but being more open to experiences and to people and taking risks and exposing yourself to things.”
“To me, acting is all about hard work and talent. Once you get your first wrinkle, if you are a female actress, nobody will care about what you look like – it’s all about what you can do.”
“The more experiences you can have as an individual makes you a fuller person and a fuller actor.”
“I was very protected growing up. My dad was very strict with me. I was the oldest of four kids, and there are three girls. So I kind of paved the way of what it was like to raise a teenage daughter.”
“I grew up on film sets and I had a ball. It wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun if my dad had been working behind a desk somewhere. I remember being on the set of ‘The Godfather: Part III,’ and all the kids were running around and doing crazy things, and Francis Ford Coppola just embraced that.”
“I was actually born in Miami. We would spend the summers there growing up, so it’s like my second home.”
“Both my parents came with their parents during the revolution in Cuba. Both my parents were born in Cuba. They left everything over there. My family got stripped of everything – of their land, of their jobs, everything.”
“My mom can cook really good Cuban food, so we go eat there on the regular. And the Cuban coffee – you know how you drink coffee at a really young age.”
“I love acting. I take it day by day. I would really love to produce my own stuff and other stuff.”
“My dad always produces, and I would always sit in producers’ meetings with him. I like the whole thing of putting a movie together. I think that’s very exciting.”

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