Dave Legeno Best Quotes

David “Dave” Legeno is an English actor, boxer and mixed martial artist. Enjoy Dave Legeno’s best quotes below.

“I always wanted to be an actor, so part of me is split between the artistic side and the physical side, but then physically I was just born as quite a healthy specimen!”
“I may or may not be the best fighter in the world but I want to be the best entertainer, so when you see my fights before and after, you’ll remember my entrance and the fight. When I’ve walked in there, you’ll know I’ve walked in there!”
“I played a homosexual bodyguard in ‘The Last Detective,’ and that was quite a pleasure to do something slightly different. I was a very camp bodyguard!”
“I play guitar; you’ll find me at home strumming ‘Vincent’ on the guitar. I also read a lot of poetry, and Shakespeare was my first love, which was why I got into acting. A lot of the fighters are intelligent!”

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