Clark Duke Best Quotes

Clark Duke is an American actor known for his roles in the films Kick-Ass, Sex Drive, Hot Tub Time Machine, and A Thousand Words, as well as playing Dale Kettlewell in the TV series Greek and Clark Green in The Office. Enjoy Clark Duke’s best quotes below.

“I tend to be conversational and loose with dialogue in general, not out of disrespect for the source material but because that’s the way I work.”
“I have a huge costume section in my closet – wigs, mustaches, the whole thing. Halloween’s my favorite holiday, so I have a lot of weird stuff.”
“I’m a big fan of matching outfits in general.”
“I go to ComicCon every year, but it’s in a work capacity. I’m a legitimate fan of comics, and I have been since I was 5.”
“A good script makes our job a lot easier.”
“I actually was raised Baptist. I’m from the South, so you definitely know a lot of conservative people.”
“I think me and Kristen Bell are going to start a band. It’s called Kung-Fu Professor.”
“People seem to sometimes have a difficulty drawing that line between the character and the person.”

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