Christian Borle Best Quotes

Christian Borle (born October 1, 1973) is a Tony Award-winning American actor featured in several Broadway productions. He starred as Tom Levitt on the NBC musical-drama series Smash. Enjoy Christian Borle’s best quotes below.

Christian Borle
“I’ve heard rumors about myself that are true – and nobody likes that. But there’s actually something very liberating when you hear a false rumor because you realize there’s nothing you can do. People are going to say whatever they want – especially on chat boards.”
“My parents waited to have me and my sister – my dad was 43 when my mother had me, and my mom was 38. They purposefully waited until they had had their adventures in life so that we wouldn’t represent the end of their freedom.”
“It’s always so hard when people assume someone cheated or broke up a marriage, when the truth may actually be much more complicated.”
“I was a comic book nut and grew up on ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Indiana Jones.’”
“I was a late bloomer. I wasn’t a child performer.”
“In school, my biggest fear was that I couldn’t produce emotion on cue.”
“Musical theater is often seen as a lesser form of acting, although I don’t see it that way.”

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