China Chow Best Quotes

China Chow (born April 1974) is an English actress and model. Enjoy China Chow’s best quotes below.

“I feel like contemporary art is everywhere now and with the rise of the internet, it’s so much easier to see what artists are doing and to follow their careers.”
“Better not to work on things that you’re not in love with.”
“The only times I’m consistent about praying are when I’m on an airplane or when an ambulance goes by.”
“I don’t even like hearing my own voice on an answering machine.”
“If I don’t work for a while, I don’t work for a while.”
“Making art is different for everyone.”
“The art world seems so much bigger than it was when I was growing up.”
“I buy some art but I don’t like to talk about it.”
“I don’t want to do television. A TV show sitcom? I don’t even watch TV.”
“I used to be more glamorous.”
“I’m so private and I don’t know why!”

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