Carla Gallo Best Quotes

Carla Paolina Gallo is an American actress notable for roles in the television series Undeclared, Carnivàle, and Bones, and in the independent film Spanking the Monkey. Enjoy Carla Gallo’s best quotes below.

“I once literally had a casting director ask my agent, ‘Can she play anything other than a drunk?’”
“I’m the girl next door, not the sex symbol.”
“I’ve never had someone pick outfits for me. Almost everything I get is from Goodwill.”
“The emotional stuff is the biggest challenge, for me to access that. As life passes, you encounter difficulties and tragedies, and so it becomes easier. ‘Carnivale’ required that of me, and it was really hard.”
“About once every four days, someone comes up to me and is like, ‘Hey, I know you from somewhere.’”
“What I really honestly want is just to be working steadily… I would love to just be on a great TV show and have it run for awhile.”
“On ‘Undeclared,’ I was actually the only person who had gone to college. Here we are doing this college show, and no one had actually really been, and it was so bizarre to me.”

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