Bobby Riggs Best Quotes

Robert Larimore “Bobby” Riggs (February 25, 1918 – October 25, 1995) was an American tennis player who was the World No. 1 or the World co-No. 1 player for three years, first as an amateur in 1939, then as a professional in 1946 and 1947. He played his first professional tennis match on December 26, 1941. Enjoy Bobby Riggs’s best quotes below.

Bobby Riggs
“We want to keep the actual Civil War experience alive.”
“If I am to be a chauvinist pig, I want to be the number one pig.”
“Billie and I did wonders for women’s tennis. They owe me a piece of their checks.”
“If I can’t play for big money, I play for a little money. And if I can’t play for a little money, I stay in bed that day.”

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