Atticus Ross Best Quotes

Atticus Ross is an English musician, composer, producer, and audio engineer. Along with Trent Reznor, Ross won the Academy Award for Best Original Score for The Social Network in 2010. Enjoy Atticus Ross’s best quotes below.

“For me, making music is a continuous learning experience, and I think that it feeds itself.”
“I like it when I go into a cinema and I’m not aware that I’m there; I’m totally involved in the film for two hours.”
“I love movies. And sometimes it will be a case where I don’t notice music.”
“My wife and I were in a band and worked together on and off since we were 19 or 20.”
“My wife is a classically trained piano player, and she also orchestrates.”
“With ‘Gone Girl,’ I sat down, and suddenly the end credits were rolling; you just become so engrossed in it.”
“A scene gets cut a few frames here and there, but there’s a cumulative effect to it, and then the music needs to be reworked. It’s demanding, but when you see the improved cuts, it’s always better.”
“My brother, who’s ten years younger than me, worked with me in the studio when he was very young. He’s a guitar player and does programming as well. To have the working and personal relationship coincide has been very natural.”
“Personally, I do the best work with people I’m closest with. I know what their tastes are, and they are similar to mine. That close personal relationship is what delivers the best work.”

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