Asa Butterfield Best Quotes

Asa Maxwell Thornton Farr Butterfield is an English actor known for starring in the Holocaust film The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, portraying the young Mordred in the hit BBC TV Series Merlin, playing … Enjoy Asa Butterfield’s best quotes below.

“I think I can speak for a lot of people in that they would be pretty nervous about meeting Harrison Ford, and I was definitely one of those people.”
“My little sister, who is four, can work my mom’s iPhone better than she can.”
“People think when you’re moving in Zero-G, it’s like moving in jelly. But it’s not. You’re completely free to move however fast as you want.”
“When you have a book as material as it is, it’s a lot easier to create a character because you have so many resources to draw upon when acting.”
“I always think that trying to push yourself as an actor in a direction that you’ve never been before, developing characters which are more difficult to get into the head of, or are more interesting and further away from yourself, is always a challenge. But, you want to take up that challenge and try your best.”

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