Andy Wachowski Best Quotes

Andy Wachowski is American writer Enjoy Andy Wachowski’s best quotes below.

“The way a film can change over the generations… You watch a movie when you’re 20 years old, and you see the same movie when you’re 35 years old or 40 years old, and something happens. The movie changes because we change as individuals.”
“There’s something uniquely interesting about Buddhism and mathematics, particularly about quantum physics, and where they meet. That has fascinated us for a long time.”
“Part of being a filmmaker is also being a craftsman.”
“‘Cloud Atlas’ is for everybody. The main character in the movie is humanity.”
“After Bound, we were offered a lot of lesbian thrillers.”
“We thought we’d write a good script for women, giving them the fun roles that generally men get.”
“We’ve always loved going to the movies. Our mom and dad are big movie fans. They’d take us on these movie orgys where we’d see sometimes three movies in a day.”

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