Alison Elliott Best Quotes

Alison A. Elliott is an American actress. Enjoy Alison Elliott’s best quotes below.

“I like playing dress-up, and I love pretty jewels, but for me, being a ‘movie star’ would be a very dangerous place.”
“That’s one of my problems is that there are so many songs to sing that I sort of get indecisive about what I want to do in a show – because there are so many possibilities! There are so many great songs out there.”
“I love originating shows and originating songs – there is nothing better than being the first one to get to do a song.”
“Drawing attention to myself has never been a goal.”
“I always wanted to be a character actor. I love watching movies where you don’t recognize someone because they’re so lost in the part.”
“I realized that acting was something I wasn’t going to be lazy about. You feel good when you do it well. It is something that can grow in you.”
“I wasn’t a great student. Just give me a school with no grades, and I’ll be happy.”
“I would love to do an all Laura Nyro show.”
“It’s hard to act in a corset. Your breath gets cut off. You’re squashed.”
“A lot of my albums that I’ve done, a lot of the songs have been the first take. It’s before you mess with it too much – you can take away all the spontaneity and the emotion of something by trying to make it sound perfect.”

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