Abby Elliott Best Quotes

Abigail “Abby” Elliott is an American actress and comedian best known for her four seasons as a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 2008–2012. She is the daughter of comedian Chris Elliott. Enjoy Abby Elliott’s best quotes below.

“I’m young but I’m not stupid.”
“There are some different things I’m writing and developing, but I don’t know where they’ll go. They’re fun stuff that I would be in and are written in my voice, for me.”
“I never really wanted to write and wanted to focus on acting.”
“I think you have to create your own stuff so I’m working on stuff for myself right now.”
“I want to make people laugh.”
“I’m not a stand up at all, it’s such a fear of mine. My sister does it, and she’s really great at it.”
“My dad was so much fun growing up.”

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