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Richard Pryor is stand-up comedian, actor, producer, social critic, writer, and mc
Born: 1 December, 1940
Height: 5′ 10″ (178 cm)
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Ethnicity: Black
Russ Meyer
Russ Meyer is motion picture director, producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, editor, actor and photographer
Born: 21 March, 1922
Height: 6′ 1″ (185 cm)
Zodiac: Aries
Ethnicity: White
George Jessel
George Jessel is singer, songwriter, producer, director
Born: 3 April, 1898
Zodiac: Aries
Ethnicity: White
Reggie Jackson is former major league baseball player
Born: 18 May, 1946
Height: 6′ (183 cm)
Zodiac: Taurus
Ethnicity: Black
Henry Kissinger is politician, diplomat
Born: 27 May, 1923
Zodiac: Gemini
Ethnicity: White
Richard Johnson is actor, producer, writer
Born: 30 July, 1927
Zodiac: Leo
Ethnicity: White
Wilt Chamberlain is former pro basketball player, actor, writer, producer
Born: 21 August, 1936
Height: 7′ 1″ (216 cm)
Zodiac: Leo
Ethnicity: Black
Mickey Cohen is criminal
Born: 4 September, 1914
Height: 5′ 5″ (165 cm)
Zodiac: Virgo
Ethnicity: White
Randy Bibb
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