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Myrtle Stedman’s height is 5ft 6in (1.68 m)

Myrtle Stedman (March 3, 1883 – January 8, 1938) was a leading lady and later character actress in motion pictures beginning in silent films in 1910. She was born in Chicago, Illinois and educated at a private finishing school there. Miss Stedman performed in light opera and musical comedies there. Her voice was cultivated in France. Her tutor was Marchesi, who was known as one of the finest instructors of voice culture in his country. Myrtle did not enter the field of opera because of her preference for light opera. She starred for a number of seasons in Isle of Spice and The Chocolate Soldier. She performed for a year at the Whitney Theater in Chicago and was a prima donna of the Chicago Grand Opera Company.

First Name: Myrtle
Last Name: Stedman
Born: 3 March, 1885
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Died: 8 January, 1938
Cause of Death: heart attack
Height: 5ft 6in (1.68 m)
Build: Slim
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Sexuality: Straight
Ethnicity: White
Nationality: American
Occupation: Actress
Filmography: A Slight Case of Murder (1938), Accidents Will Happen (1938), Love, Honor and Behave (1938), Penrod and His Twin Brother (1938), Green Light (1937), Ready, Willing and Able (1937), That Certain Woman (1937), The Great O’Malley (1937), Alcatraz Island (1937), Back in Circulation (1937), Confession (1937), Expensive Husbands (1937), She Loved a Fireman (1937), The Go Getter (1937), Under Southern Stars (1937, Short Film), Draegerman Courage (1937), Missing Witnesses (1937), Over the Goal (1937), That Man’s Here Again (1937), Gold Diggers of 1937 (1936), San Francisco (1936), Song of the Saddle (1936), Give Me Liberty (1936, Short Film), Polo Joe (1936), Here’s to Romance (1935), Beggars in Ermine (1934), School for Girls (1934), One Year Later (1933), Klondike (1932), Alias Mary Smith (1932), Forbidden Company (1932), The Widow in Scarlet (1932), Beau Ideal (1931), Little Accident (1930), Lummox (1930), The Truth About Youth (1930), Go to Blazes (1930, Short Film), The Jazz Age (1929), Sin Sister (1929), The Wheel of Life (1929), The Love Racket (1929), Sporting Goods (1928), Their Hour (1928), The Black Diamond Express (1927), The Irresistible Lover (1927), The Life of Riley (1927), No Place to Go (1927), Women’s Wares (1927), Alias the Deacon (1927), Don Juan’s Three Nights (1926), The Far Cry (1926), The Man in the Shadow (1926), Prince of Pilsen, The (1926), If I Marry Again (1925), Chickie (1925), The Goose Hangs High (1925), The Mad Whirl (1925), Sally (1925), Tessie (1925), Lilies of the Field (1924), Bread (1924), Breath of Scandal, The (1924), Wine (1924), The Woman on the Jury (1924), Flaming Youth (1923), The Age of Desire (1923), Crashin’ Thru (1923), The Dangerous Age (1923), The Famous Mrs. Fair (1923), Six Days (1923), Temporary Marriage (1923), Ashes (1922), Nancy from Nowhere (1922), Reckless Youth (1922), Rich Men’s Wives (1922), Black Roses (1921), The Concert (1921), The Whistle (1921), Sowing the Wind (1921), Sex (1920), Harriet and the Piper (1920), Old Dad (1920), The Silver Horde (1920), The Tiger’s Coat (1920), In Honor’s Web (1919), The Teeth of the Tiger (1919), In the Hollow of Her Hand (1918), Happiness of Three Women (1917), As Men Love (1917), The Prison Without Walls (1917), The World Apart (1917), The American Beauty (1916), The Call of the Cumberlands (1916), Pasquale (1916), The Soul of Kura San (1916), Hypocrites (1915), Peer Gynt (1915), The Caprices of Kitty (1915), Help Wanted (1915), It’s No Laughing Matter (1915), Jane (1915), Kilmeny (1915), The Majesty of the Law (1915), Nearly a Lady (1915), The Reform Candidate (1915), The Wild Olive (1915), ‘Twas Ever Thus (1915), Burning Daylight: The Adventures of ‘Burning Daylight’ in Civilization (1914), The Chechako (1914), The Country Mouse (1914), Martin Eden (1914), The Pursuit of the Phantom (1914), The Valley of the Moon (1914), Good Resolutions (1914), By Unseen Hand (1914), Apache’s Gratitude, An (1913), The Escape of Jim Dolan (1913, Short Film), Good Indian, The (1913), How It Happened (1913, Short Film), Juggling with Fate (1913), The Law and the Outlaw (1913, Short Film), The Life Timer (1913, Short Film), Made a Coward (1913), Marshal’s Capture, The (1913), Range Law, The (1913), Religion and Gun Practice (1913), Sallie’s Sure Shot (1913), Saved from the Vigilantes (1913), The Sheriff of Yavapai County (1913, Short Film), The Shotgun Man and the Stage Driver (1913, Short Film), Stolen Moccasins, The (1913), Taming of Texas Pete, The (1913), The Bank’s Messenger (1913, Short Film), Bill’s Birthday Present (1913), Buster’s Little Game (1913), Capture of Bad Brown, The (1913), The Cattle Thief’s Escape (1913, Short Film), Deputy’s Sweetheart, The (1913), Dishwash Dick’s Counterfeit (1913), Gunfighter’s Son, The (1913), How Betty Made Good (1913), Howlin’ Jones (1913), Jealousy of Miguel and Isabella, The (1913), Lonely Heart, The (1913), Matrimonial Deluge, A (1913), Mother Love vs Gold (1913, Short Film), Suffragette, The (1913), The Rejected Lover’s Luck (1913, Short Film), The Rustler’s Reformation (1913, Short Film), Schoolmarm’s Shooting Match, The (1913), Taming a Tenderfoot (1913), Two Sacks of Potatoes (1913), Child of the Prairies, The (1913), Cupid in the Cow Camp (1913), Physical Culture on the Quarter Circle V Bar (1913), Silver Grindstone, The (1913), That Mail Order Suit (1913, Short Film), Bud’s Heiress (1913), Canine Matchmaker; or, Leave It to a Dog, A (1913), An Embarrassed Bridegroom (1913, Short Film), The Galloping Romeo (1913, Short Film), Señorita’s Repentance, The (1913), Between Love and the Law (1912), Boob, The (1912), Brand Blotter, The (1912), The Brotherhood of Man (1912, Short Film), Buck’s Romance (1912), Cattle Rustlers, The (1912), Circumstantial Evidence (1912), Double Cross, The (1912), Driftwood (1912), Dynamiters, The (1912), An Equine Hero (1912, Short Film), Exposed by the Dictograph (1912), The Fighting Instinct (1912, Short Film), His Chance to Make Good (1912), Mantle of Red Evans, The (1912), Opium Smugglers, The (1912), Ranger and His Horse, The (1912), Roped In (1912), Rough Ride with Nitroglycerine, A (1912), The Saint and the Siwash (1912, Short Film), Wartime Romance, A (1912), When Women Rule (1912), Whiskey Runners, The (1912), Why Jim Reformed (1912), Horseshoe, The (1912), Cowboy’s Best Girl, A (1912), Scapegoat, The (1912), His Father’s Bugle (1912), When the Heart Calls (1912), Baby Betty (1912), Roderick’s Ride (1912), The Wayfarer (1912, Short Film), The Other Woman (1912, Short Film), Two Men and a Girl (1912), In Little Italy (1912), So-Jun-Wah and the Tribal Law (1912), Modern Ananias, A (1912), Motorcycle Adventure, A (1912), Mistaken Identity (1912), Widow of Rickie O’Neal, The (1912), Part of Her Life, The (1912), Romance of the Rio Grande, A (1911), The Telltale Knife (1911, Short Film), The Two Orphans (1911, Short Film), Western Hearts (1911), Why the Sheriff Is a Bachelor (1911, Short Film), Bully of Bingo Gulch, The (1911), Told in Colorado (1911), Fair Exchange, A (1911), New York Cowboy, A (1911), A Tennessee Love Story (1911, Short Film), Range Riders, The (1910), Dream of Egypt, A (1917), Romany Rose, A (1917)

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