Helen Holmes - Height Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography

Helen Holmes’s height is 5ft 5in (1.65 m)

Helen Holmes (June 19, 1892 – July 8, 1950) was an American silent film actress, most notable for starring in the serial The Hazards of Helen.

First Name: Helen
Last Name: Holmes
Birth Full Name: Helen Holmes
Born: 19 June, 1893
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Died: 8 July, 1950
Death Location: Burbank, California
Cause of Death: Heart Attack
Height: 5ft 5in (1.65 m)
Build: Slim
Eye Color: Brown – Dark
Hair Color: Brown – Dark
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Sexuality: Straight
Ethnicity: White
Nationality: American
Occupation: Actor, film director, film producer, screenwriter
Filmography: The Open Switch (1926), Perils of the Rail (1926), Crossed Signals (1926), The Lost Express (1926), Whispering Smith (1926), Fast Freight, The (1926), Mistaken Orders (1926), Blood and Steel (1925), Outwitted (1925), Sign of the Cactus, The (1925), Train Wreckers, The (1925), Webs of Steel (1925), Duped (1925), Barriers of the Law (1925), The Mainline Wreck (1925), 40-Horse Hawkins (1924), Fighting Fury (1924), The Riddle Rider (1924), Battling Brewster (1924), One Million in Jewels (1923), Stormy Seas (1923), Hills of Missing Men (1922), The Lone Hand (1922), Ghost City (1921), Crook’s Romance, A (1921), The Tiger Band (1920), Fatal Fortune, The (1919), The Railroad Raiders (1917), The Lost Express (1917), Whispering Smith (1916), Judith of the Cumberlands (1916), A Lass of the Lumberlands (1916), Manager of the B & A, The (1916), Medicine Bend (1916), The Diamond Runners (1916), The Girl and the Game (1915), Desperate Leap, A (1915), The Mettle of Jerry McGuire (1915, Short Film), When Rogues Fall Out (1915), The Fate of Number One (1915, Short Film), The Girl on the Engine (1915), A Deed of Daring (1915, Short Film), A Wild Ride (1915, Short Film), The Midnight Limited (1915, Short Film), In Danger’s Path (1915, Short Film), Near Eternity (1915, Short Film), The Pay Train (1915), The Human Chain (1915), A Railroader’s Bravery (1915, Short Film), The Broken Train (1915, Short Film), The Wild Engine (1915, Short Film), The Box Car Trap (1915), A Race for a Crossing (1915), The Girl Engineer (1915), The Girl on the Trestle (1915), The Girl at Lone Point (1915), The Railroad Raiders of ’62 (1915, Short Film), The Death Train (1915), The Open Drawbridge (1915), The Engineer’s Peril (1915), The Little Engineer (1915), The Fast Mail’s Danger (1915, Short Film), The Broken Circuit (1915), The Leap from the Water Tower (1915, Short Film), The Girl Telegrapher’s Peril (1915), The Broken Rail (1915, Short Film), Train Order Number Forty-Five (1915, Short Film), A Matter of Seconds (1915, Short Film), A Test of Courage (1915, Short Film), The Substitute Fireman (1915, Short Film), Nerves of Steel (1915, Short Film), The Red Signal (1915, Short Film), The Escape on the Fast Freight (1915, Short Film), The Watertank Plot (1915, Short Film), The Runaway Boxcar (1915, Short Film), A Girl’s Grit (1915), A Perilous Chance (1915), The Limited’s Peril (1915), The Hazards of Helen (1914, Short Film), The Car of Death (1914, Short Film), The Operator at Black Rock (1914, Short Film), Demon of the Rails, The (1914), Fast Freight 3205 (1914, Short Film), His Nemesis (1914), The Identification (1914, Short Film), Man’s Soul, A (1914), Stolen Rembrandt, The (1914), Conductor’s Courtship, The (1914), Rajah’s Jewels, The (1914), The Refrigerator Car’s Captive (1914, Short Film), Flaw in the Alibi, The (1914), String of Pearls, A (1914), Near Death’s Door (1914), County Seat War, The (1914), The Delayed Special (1914, Short Film), Explosive ‘D’ (1914, Short Film), The Express Messenger (1914, Short Film), From Peril to Peril (1914, Short Film), Under Desperation’s Spur (1914, Short Film), Grouch, the Engineer (1914, Short Film), Into the Depths (1914), Kaintucky Bill (1914), Lost Mail Sack, The (1914), Rival Railroad’s Plot, The (1914), The Nurse and the Counterfeiter (1914, Short Film), The Oil Well Conspiracy (1914, Short Film), Playing for a Fortune (1914), The Escape on the Limited (1914, Short Film), The Black Diamond Express (1914, Short Film), The Flying Freight’s Captive (1914, Short Film), The Stolen Engine (1914), The Girl at the Throttle (1914), The Plot at the Railroad Cut (1914), Helen’s Sacrifice (1914, Short Film), Barney Oldfield’s Race for a Life (1913, Short Film), The Alibi (1913, Short Film), Hide and Seek (1913, Short Film), The New Conductor (1913, Short Film), On His Wedding Day (1913, Short Film), That Ragtime Band (1913, Short Film), Battle at Fort Laramie, The (1913), The Flying Switch (1913, Short Film), Brought to Bay (1913), Demand for Justice, A (1913), Hermit’s Ruse, The (1913), Runaway Freight, The (1913), Fight to a Finish, A (1913), Birds of Prey (1913, Short Film), Baffled, Not Beaten (1913), The Express Car Mystery (1913, Short Film), The Foot Print Clue (1913, Short Film), Gilt Edge Stocks (1913, Short Film), Treachery of a Scar, The (1913), In Peril of His Life (1913), The Silent Warning (1913, Short Film), Smuggler’s Last Deal, The (1913), Stolen Tapestries, The (1913), Substitute Engineer, The (1913), Monogrammed Cigarette, The (1913), Kings Court (1912), A Life in the Balance (-, Short Film), The Railroad Raiders (1917), The Hazards of Helen (1914, Short Film), Ghost City (1921), The Tiger Band (1920), The Girl and the Game (1915), Desperate Leap, A (1915), The Mettle of Jerry McGuire (1915, Short Film), Fight to a Finish, A (1915), Yellow Star, The (1915), When Rogues Fall Out (1915), The Girl Engineer (1915), Stars of Yesterday (1931)

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