Nic Pizzolatto Best Quotes

Nic Pizzolatto is an American novelist, screenwriter, and producer. He is best known for creating the HBO crime drama series True Detective. Enjoy Nic Pizzolatto’s best quotes below.

“I enjoy a third act, and I like stories with ending. A lot of my frustration with serialized storytelling is a lot of shows don’t have a third act. They have an endless second act, and then they find out it’s their last year and often have to hustle to invent a third act, but they were never necessarily organically meaning to begin with.”
“I grew up with adults who believed the Virgin Mary was appearing in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia. They held prayer meetings where they closed their eyes and claimed to see visions, and we were prepped for the end of the world throughout grade school. So the wild extremes of belief were always visible, and then, to me, it’s a short jump to a horror story.”
“Art was always for me an escape and a way to relate to the world around me.”
“For me as a storyteller, I want to follow the characters and the story through what they organically demand.”
“I didn’t come to Hollywood to be subservient to anyone else’s vision.”
“I don’t think you can create effectively toward expectation. I’m not in the service business.”
“I find the constraints of drama actually freeing: It brings everything down to character and action.”
“I made ‘True Detective’ like it was going to be the only thing I ever made for television. So put in everything and the kitchen sink. Everything.”
“I was raised by television. It was my first cultural window. It was a constant companion.”
“I was raised in a heavily Catholic family. Early and consistent encounters with mysticism.”
“If I write scripts that nobody likes, I don’t think we’ll be doing ‘True Detective.’”
“If landscape is a character for me, then it helps if I’m familiar with it and I already have a take on it.”
“It’s better to not have a reputation than a bad one.”
“Killing characters on television has become an easy short cut to cathartic emotion.”
“Nothing in the television show ‘True Detective’ was plagiarized.”
“Often, what allows someone to behave heroically in dire circumstances is unpalatable in day-to-day life.”
“‘The Atlantic’ really gave me my writing career – even just the conviction to be a writer.”
“The idea of being a show runner was very attractive to me, to create and control something.”
“The work is where I tend to feel pressure – not so much in the reaction to it.”
“There’s never been anything I didn’t love that I didn’t connect with on a personal level because, to some degree, I projected upon it.”
“We live in a culture that has a real hard time distinguishing fiction from reality. Even when they’re told something is fiction.”
“Whatever I watched, whatever I loved in 36 years of life on Earth, probably had some influence on me.”
“Whatever story you’re telling in Louisiana, the landscape is going to become a character in it.”
“You just do the best you can, and when you’re able to connect with people, and when you do, it’s just incredibly gratifying.”
“As someone with a novelistic background, I just didn’t have much interest in creating stories by committee. I don’t think you necessarily get the best story through that approach.”

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