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Merta Sterling’s height is 5ft 1in (1.55 m)

Merta Sterling was an American film actress of the silent era. She appeared in 61 films between 1914 and 1927. She was born Manitowoc, Wisconsin and died in Hollywood, California.

Best Known For Movie: Prairie Chicken
Born: June 13, 1883, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, United States
Filmography: Paid to Love (1927), Star Dust Trail (1924), Women First (1924), Darwin Was Right (1924), William Tell (1924), The Golf Bug (1924), Oh! Girls! (1924), Scorching Sands (1923), The Handy Man (1923), Their First Tintype (1920), A Shotgun Wedding (1920), Profiteering Blues (1920), You Tell ‘Em, Lions, I Roar (1920), Brownie, the Peacemaker (1920), Up in Mary’s Attic (1920), Lion’s Jaws and Kitten’s Paws (1920), My Salomy Lions (1920), Lion Paws and Lady Fingers (1920), A Lion’s Alliance (1920), Good Little Brownie (1920), The Sage-Brush League (1919), A Lucky Dog’s Day (1919), The Janitor (1919), Romeos and Jolly Juliets (1919), Daring Lions and Dizzy Lovers (1919), Rough on Husbands (1918), The King of the Kitchen (1918), A Clean Sweep (1918), The Donkey Did It (1918), Cannibals and Carnivals (1918), Deep Seas and Desperate Deeds (1917), Fat and Furious (1917), Prairie Chicken (1917), The Little Fat Rascal (1917), Blackboards and Blackmail (1917), Her Daring, Caring Ways (1917), Chicken Chased and Henpecked (1917), Dry Goods and Damp Deeds (1917), Good Little Bad Boy (1917), Tom’s Tramping Troupe (1917), Love and Blazes (1917), Nabbing a Noble (1917), Defective Detectives (1917), Summer Boarders (1917), After the Balled-Up Ball (1917), Lonesome Luke, Lawyer (1917), Faking Fakirs (1917), A Limburger Cyclone (1917), The Star Boarders (1916), A Mix-Up in Art (1916), A Watery Wooing (1916), When Opportunity Knocked (1916), A Smoky Adventure (1916), The Bogus Ghost (1916), Not What the Doctor Ordered (1916), Counting Out the Count (1916), Fashion and Fury (1916), Bungling Bill, Detective (1916), From Altar to Halter (1916), Search Me! (1916), A Molar Mix-Up (1916), The Bandits of Macaroni Mountain (1915), Almost a King (1915/II), Adam’s Ancestors (1915), Nearly a Bride (1915), The Spook Raisers (1915), Rival Waiters (1915), Raskey’s Road Show (1915), The Actress and the Cheese Hound (1915), Willie Whipple’s Dream (1915), The Fascinating Eye (1914).
Other Names: Myrta Sterling, Myrtle Sterling
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Occupation: Film Actress
Died: March 14, 1944, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States
Movies: Paid to Love, Scorching Sands, The King of the Kitchen, The Handy Man
Height: 5ft 1in (1.55 m)

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