Max Casella Best Quotes

Max Casella is an American actor. He is known for his roles on the television series The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire and Doogie Howser, M.D., and as the voice of Daxter in the Jak and Daxter video game series. Enjoy Max Casella’s best quotes below.

“I actually didn’t grow up in New York. I grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts.”
“Growing up, I didn’t really like folk music – I wasn’t a fan of Bob Dylan. I grew up mostly listening to rap and hip-hop; it was this new form of music.”
“Reading great dialogue as an actor is such a rare privilege.”
“My introduction to Woody Allen and to Ethan Coen was at the same time. On Broadway, I starred in a play called ‘Relatively Speaking,’ which was three one-act comedies, one of which was written by Ethan and one of which was by Woody.”
“My mom really raised me, so I took her name before I ever thought about having a career. It was for personal reasons. My birth name is actually Max Deitch.”

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