Maria Doyle Kennedy Best Quotes

Maria Doyle Kennedy is an Irish actress, composer, singer, songwriter, musician, theatre artist, orchestrator and educator. Enjoy Maria Doyle Kennedy’s best quotes below.

Maria Doyle Kennedy
“Women are often expected to be more amiable or more pleasing or more submissive than men generally.”
“I think everybody likes to play the villain. They’re always much more interesting characters.”
“Music just makes sense to me. I don’t ever worry when I’m singing. It’s the safest place. I am a bit of worrier.”
“I like singing practically more than anything else, and I want to be the best, but I don’t want to sacrifice time with my children.”
“I didn’t go to drama school or anything, and I learned on the job. And it’s nice to have the chance to pretend to be other people. As a singer, though, I feel there’s much more of me in that. I’ve written the songs, I’m singing them, I’m exposing my feelings.”

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