Luke Pasqualino Best Quotes

Luca Giuseppe “Luke” Pasqualino is an English actor, known for his portrayal of Freddie McClair in the television series Skins and d’Artagnan in the television series The Musketeers. Enjoy Luke Pasqualino’s best quotes below.

“Pretty good, you know it’s nice when you get people coming up to you saying ‘Can I have a photo or an autograph’; it’s a compliment, I think.”
“When it comes to dating, I’m straightforward and traditional with a twist.”
“I speak a little bit of Italian, yeah. I understand more than I speak. I speak more of a dialect; my mum’s from Naples and my dad’s from Sicily, so it comes out little a bit of a cocktail of the Italian language.”
“I don’t think I’ve ever properly been in love. I’ve had a few girlfriends and have liked them loads, but I’m not sure it was love.”
“So many people are are using the Internet now to watch movies and TV shows online.”
“Normally, when I read a script, I read 30 pages, and then go have a cup of tea and come back. And then, I read 20 pages and go make a phone call, and then go back to it.”
“That’s where the theatre of dreams is, over in L.A.; it’s the land of opportunity for actors, and to go over there with a good team behind you and have a part you want to audition for really makes it a joy.”
“The recognition thing started to happen in 2009 when ‘Skins’ season three had come out and we were on TV. It used to happen much more when we were in the height of our success, but I never really saw it as a chore or anything like that. It was just quite exciting – you had fans.”
“When I was 16 the first girl I had a crush on wasn’t interested at all. I liked her from afar for ages, and when I eventually got the courage and told her, and she wasn’t into me.”
“I wouldn’t let anyone say a bad word about Cheryl Cole.”
“I’ve always liked food, and I’ve always been interested in cooking and stuff like that.”
“You can’t steal every scene. There are scenes in which you need to sit back and do a lot less, verbally, physically.”
“Any project that you shoot, it’s never going to be completely finished the way that… I don’t think I’ve ever worked on anything where every scene has been kept in the order that it was originally in, or that it hasn’t been cut down in some way.”
“I did enjoy cooking, I still do really enjoy cooking – I make a nice salmon dish, and I’m a huge meat freak, so I love to bang a few steaks on the grill or pasta. Anything Italian, really.”
“I like a girl that takes pride in her appearance – looks are important to me, but it’s also important she gets on with my friends and family. If my parents don’t like a girl, then she’s instantly a no-go.”
“I remember everyone in my nursery school class getting a carton of milk before the day started. Only, I got mine about 20 minutes later than everyone else because it had to be kept on the radiator for a short while. I liked warm milk when I was small.”
“I suppose if I did get into a situation with a friend where we both liked the same girl, I like to think we’d sit down maturely and decide who was going to get in there, and then the other would stand aside.”
“I was quite young when I went to a drama workshop. I was around 9 or 10. I showed interest in it. I never saw it as a career. At around 16, I knew what I wanted to do.”
“In my opinion, the BBC are one of the best producers of drama in the world, and it made me incredibly happy to get the opportunity to be one of the leading men in one of their productions.”
“My cousin owns restaurants, and I used to work in his restaurants with his chef. I’ve always liked food, and I’ve always been interested in cooking and stuff like that.”
“My first real acting job was ‘Skins’ at eighteen years old, and I just kind of grew into myself in those two years; I would have done terribly if I’d have got that job at sixteen.”

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