Kirsty Coventry Best Quotes

Kirsty Leigh Coventry is a Zimbabwean swimmer and former world record holder. She attended and swam competitively for Auburn University in Alabama, in the United States. Enjoy Kirsty Coventry’s best quotes below.

“In athletics, older runners tend to go for longer races, but it’s the opposite in swimming because your body can’t handle the endurance.”
“Everyone at home is so supportive. People recognise me, say how proud they are of me. It’s awesome to hear, it’s amazing to know I can touch so many people in a positive way.”
“People have to remain positive and believe in those dreams. It’s really important.”
“I take any opportunity I can to raise our country’s flag really high and get some shining positive light on things over there.”
“It is much harder to retain your position at the top than to get to the top.”
“There are younger, stronger swimmers coming up and they are hungry. I can’t influence what they do, I only know what I can do and I know how greedy I am to defend my title.”
“Everyone there including President Mugabe knows something needs to change because so many people are hurting.”
“I have always stayed out of politics, I don’t believe it would be appropriate to talk about it.”

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