Kerri Strug Best Quotes

Kerri Allyson Strug is a retired American gymnast from Tucson, Arizona. She was a member of the Magnificent Seven, the victorious all-around women’s gymnastics team that represented the United States … Enjoy Kerri Strug’s best quotes below.

“My entire adolescence was geared toward one thing: gymnastics.”
“You always dream of going to the Olympics and winning gold. I’ve learned over the years that there are lots of gold medals, but certain stories stick out and make a difference.”
“I never went to my high school dance, and didn’t date much.”
“I think it’s just really important for youth today to have a passion and pursue something seriously.”
“As you get older, it’s harder to maintain your weight and to fly through the air for those routines. It’s also the lifestyle; you train seven to eight hours a day, five to six days a week.”
“I think sports are extremely beneficial for our youth. They parallel life in so many ways.”
“I’m very Type A; I like to get my list done.”

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