Ken Harrelson Best Quotes

Kenneth Smith Harrelson, nicknamed “The Hawk” due to his distinctive profile, and also nicknamed “Yox” because of his facial expressions, is a former All-Star first baseman and outfielder in Major League Baseball. Enjoy Ken Harrelson’s best quotes below.

Ken Harrelson
“In baseball you hit your home run over the right-field fence, the left-field fence, the center-field fence. Nobody cares. In golf everything has got to be right over second base.”
“I’m a big boy, and I’m a tough guy.”
“In a blind town, the one-eyed man is king.”
“Toughest job in baseball is the general manager. Second toughest is the hitting coach.”
“I have my detractors, no doubt about it. I look at it as a compliment.”

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