Jason Giambi Best Quotes

Jason Gilbert Giambi is an American retired professional baseball first baseman and designated hitter. Enjoy Jason Giambi’s best quotes below.

Jason Giambi
“No matter what players say or people say, you want to be liked and appreciated, even if you’ve had a downfall.”
“The biggest thing as I have gotten older is the calmness that’s come over me.”
“I had fun coming every day and playing in front of a packed house – it was exciting.”
“I can’t get into specifics. Someday, hopefully, I’ll be able to.”
“I know my swing is going to be there. I don’t need 600 swings in the cage; I know where it’s at.”
“I’ve learned that you have to take responsibility for yourself in this game and lead yourself through it.”
“This game, it seems when you play it the best, is when you’re not really thinking a lot and just reacting and keeping it at its simplest point – just see it and hit it.”
“As a younger player, you always kind of play with that fear of failure.”
“I’m still playing the game, having a great time.”
“You get to the plate and nothing is going through your mind. You see the ball, you see the seams.”

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