Bill Belichick Best Quotes

William Stephen “Bill” Belichick is the head coach for the New England Patriots of the National Football League. He also has extensive authority over the Patriots’ football operations, effectively making him the team’s general manager as well. Enjoy Bill Belichick’s best quotes below.

Bill Belichick
“Game management, game decisions, adjustments, seeing things during games – it’s all important.”
“I think that’s part of building your team is trying to anticipate where your team is going and to a certain extent where, especially defensively because you have to react to what they put on the field. Defensively you have to be able to defend those things.”
“Bavaro’s probably as tough of a – physically and mentally as tough a football player as I’ve ever coached. So, I would put him in the rare category there.”
“I grew up watching my dad scout games live. They played on Saturday. Sometimes they wouldn’t get the films until Monday. Sunday air shipping from wherever the college team was located – Starkville, Mississippi, or wherever the film was coming from. It took two days.”
“You go to the draft board and think, ‘Here’s a nose tackle. Who needs a nose tackle?’ Well, eight teams in front of you need a nose tackle, and there’s two nose tackles. It’s something you have to figure out where you can get the players to play in your system.”

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