Mike Jackson Best Quotes

Mike Jackson is an American film producer and talent manager. Jackson worked for the films Triple Dog, The Human Contract, Feel, and The Lather Effect. Enjoy Mike Jackson’s best quotes below.

Mike Jackson
“Missing your lunch is not exactly the end of the world.”
“Everything starts and finishes with the soldier.”
“It is absolutely bedrock to the British Army’s philosophy that a commanding officer is responsible for what goes on within his command.”
“Intervention continues to be a prominent dimension of the post-cold war world.”
“Military operations cannot be tidy or free of friction – particularly in a coalition whose contributing nations see the campaign through national prisms.”
“If you move between battalions, you are still within the same tribe.”
“Not much over £1,000 a month for the private soldier on operations is hardly an impressive figure.”
“The Russians are a very sentimental people.”
“I understand all the problems for the Ministry of Defence, of course I do; working within a budget and trying to do so many things is not easy.”
“Nations, not least America, retain full command of their national forces.”
“Soldiering is a very important profession, is it not?”
“You cannot expect soldiers to change people’s minds. That has to be done in other ways.”
“Well, the U.N. Security Council resolution 1973 is very clear. It says all necessary measures to be taken to protect civilians and civilian areas. I mean, that to me is very clear.”

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