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Max Schach’s height is 5ft (1.52 m)

Max Schach was a Hungarian-born film producer. Schach is particularly associated with British cinema, where he was a leading figure in the boom of the mid-1930s.

Best Known For Movie: A Night of Terror
Born: May 2, 1886, Senta, Serbia
Filmography: Second Best Bed (1938), Under Secret Orders (1937), The Lilac Domino (1937), For Valour (1937), Dreaming Lips (1937), A Night of Terror (1937), A Clown Must Laugh (1936), Forbidden Music (1936), Southern Roses (1936), Dishonour Bright (1936), The Prisoner of Corbal (1936), Love in Exile (1936), Public Nuisance No. 1 (1936), When Knights Were Bold (1936), Crimson Dynasty (1935), Abdul the Damned (1935), Die keusche Kokette (1929), Waterloo (1929), Jericho (1937).
Occupation: Film Producer
Died: 1957, London, United Kingdom
Spouse: Beata Schach
Movies: Abdul the Damned, Land Without Music, Love in Exile, The Lilac Domino
Height: 5ft (1.52 m)

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