Kenny Wormald Best Quotes

Kenneth “Kenny” Wormald is an American dancer, reality television star and actor. His best known role to date is perhaps as Ren McCormack in the 2011 remake of 1984′s Footloose. Enjoy Kenny Wormald’s best quotes below.

“The whole bullying issue has really struck a nerve with me. It affects so many different types of people at a vital time in their lives.”
“I have a really good family. I’m lucky to have people who support me and love me in my life.”
“I love a good argument and sometimes I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut if I think someone is wrong… I’ve always fought for what I believe in, and I don’t quit until I have accomplished what I set out to do.”
“You have to be determined, and be able to accept, ‘No.’ I’ve heard, ‘No,’ a thousand times, and I’ve heard, ‘Yes,’ a handful of times.”
“I’ve always fought for what I believe in. I used to get made fun of for dancing, and I would argue back, or fight the kids, or do whatever I had to do to shut them up. I have that in me.”
“I’m from Boston, and I’m hard-headed, opinionated and a good arguer.”
“You can only dance for so long, but you can act until you’re dead, so… I fell in love with it and I want to keep doing it and pushing myself.”
“I enjoy the element of pushing yourself, learning something new, whether it’s a dance step, a scene, an emotion.”
“I mean, there’s definitely a difference between film and live performances or live television. But at the same time, it’s just performing. No matter what, it’s performing.”
“I used to get made fun of a lot for being a male dancer, especially growing up in Boston. Kids are terrible, they don’t realize how heavy words can be.”
“I was a dancer, and it’s not really cool for a boy to dance, so it was inspiring to see a movie like ‘Footloose’ where a guy is dancing masculine and had a proper reason behind it. It made me feel cool, and when these kids would make fun of me, I’d be like, ‘Oh, didn’t you see ‘Footloose,’ man?’”
“I’m a big fan of all the Boston guys that are acting – Matt Damon , Ben Affleck, Mark Wahlberg – they made a great career out of it, and they found a way to do it and still be cool guys, so that’s kind of where I want to be.”
“L.A. fashion is like lip injections. That confuses me. That’s become not just a thing. It’s become fashion, part of your outfit. But hey, to each his own.”

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