Jessica Marais Best Quotes

Jessica Dominique Marais is a South African actress whose family emigrated to Perth, Western Australia when she was 9. Enjoy Jessica Marais’s best quotes below.

Jessica Marais
“I’m looking forward to playing the meatier roles you get in your 30s. The early 20s can be a hard time for an actress – it’s always bombshell or romantic lead. The good stuff you can really sink your teeth into comes later.”
“Motherhood informs my work 100 per cent.”
“‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ is one of my favourite novels, my mum brought me up reading it, and it never fails to move me.”
“As a new mother, you’re so vulnerable and make mistakes all the time. I guess there’s more pressure when you’re in the public eye, but I’d never stand by and let anyone exploit my daughter.”
“L.A. is an intense industry town, and there’s a side of it that’s superficial, but I surround myself with the kind of people who don’t let me get sucked into that.”

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