Georgia Jagger Best Quotes

Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger is an English fashion model. Enjoy Georgia Jagger’s best quotes below.

“Reality TV rots people’s brains.”
“Fake tan is really difficult to get right. When I was younger, I’d always do it wrong. I’d leave it on and forget to wash it off. So I embrace being pale. I like getting a tan, but I also think that if you’re going to do it, it has to be gradual. I just work the pale thing now.”
“I want to be an entrepreneur too; I like the business side of things. When I was younger I wanted to be a vet or a tightrope walker. But I have no sense of balance and I can’t bear animals dying, so I abandoned both ideas.”
“I wouldn’t even have braces on my teeth. I think they are horrible and this idea that everyone should conform and be perfect is ridiculous.”
“When I was about 12 and first started wearing lipstick, my dad would ask, ‘Are you wearing makeup?’ I would say back, ‘You’re wearing more makeup there than I am!’”
“I still think of my mum as being kind of a dork – a cooler one, but still a dork.”
“I’m quite dyslexic in school.”
“Music creates a certain mood and then people dress accordingly. I think it’s all quite closely intertwined.”
“My dad has more sparkly stuff than most men.”
“I really never thought about the way I looked until boys came into the picture.”
“I think music influences fashion and has done so for generations.”
“My dad let me figure out what I wanted to do on my own.”
“I didn’t want to miss out on my education to model. I can’t do just modeling.”
“My dad’s not a very intimidating father figure.”
“Even when my parents were together, they both had to travel and work, and it wasn’t like they had nine-to-five jobs. In that way, it wasn’t a normal family life.”
“I used to have a pony but I outgrew it and I do dream that one day I will live in the country and have lots of horses and be like a proper English lady who goes hunting and everything.”
“I do have bad hair days. If I fall asleep with it slightly damp, I wake up and it’ll all be piled up on top in a mess.”
“Modeling is always something I’ve really admired because I’ve seen my mum and sister do it.”
“My dad’s supportive of all my endeavors.”
“My parents never really lecture me.”
“I have to exfoliate my lips as they’re quite a large surface area and sometimes when I wear lipstick, it goes all cakey. So I mix brown sugar with lip balm and just scrub it onto them.”
“I like the fact that I have good old-fashioned British teeth with a big gap.”
“I think all the stuff that happens before the pictures are taken is much more exciting.”
“I think when your parents are as rebellious as mine were, it’s difficult to top them. So what’s the point?”
“My mum is actually really wholesome.”
“Who wants those gleaming white cosmetically enhanced American teeth?”
“I like to do a face steam, so, heat up a flannel, press it onto your face and then press a cold one on afterwards to close the pores. It’s inexpensive!”
“My problem is that I always find jeans that are either high-waisted or low-rise, but nothing in between, like they used to be in the eighties and early nineties. That’s actually the most flattering cut.”

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