David James Elliott Best Quotes

David James Elliott is a Canadian American actor who was the star of the series JAG, playing lead character Harmon Rabb Jr. from 1995 to 2005. Enjoy David James Elliott’s best quotes below.

David James Elliott
“I’m the star of the show. I should have a decent haircut.”
“Maybe our young people are not as vacuous as we would like to lead ourselves to believe – that all they’re interested in is hairdos and looking at other beautiful people. Maybe they’re interested in learning something.”
“I remember on ‘JAG,’ Joe Jackson punched Stephen Culp and shattered his nose.”
“I had never done any theater in high school, which actually worked to my benefit. I didn’t develop any bad habits.”
“I grew up playing war. We threw dirt and rocks at each other. We’d lead attacks. We’d break up into squads. It became a neighborhood thing for a while, our neighborhood against the other neighborhood. There was always a war breaking out somewhere.”
“But I do enjoy the freedom of doing a movie and then having some time off.”
“I worked with a man named Patty Crane who was Errol Flynn’s stand-in back in the ’30s in Hollywood.”
“I’ve always been fairly reserved and laid-back.”
“I once got a letter from a woman who told me she was 90. She said if she were 30 years younger, I would have had to watch out. I guess 60 seems really young when you’re 90. She said she would eat me with a spoon.”
“I’ve never made choices based on money – I always trust my gut.”
“Usually in fist fights you get punched in the face.”
“You can never rely on musicians. I quit high school at one point to make a go of it with this band and we kept breaking up. So I went back to school.”

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