Corey Johnson Best Quotes

Corey Johnson is an American character actor largely active in the United Kingdom, best known for his supporting roles in Hellboy, Captain Philips, The Bourne Ultimatum, Kick-Ass and the Doctor Who episode “Dalek”. Enjoy Corey Johnson’s best quotes below.

Corey Johnson
“I sometimes let people down, especially when I was younger. I was cavalier about what people told me. Part of growing up is learning when to shut up.”
“When my daughter was born, I said: ‘I feel like I know what I’ve been waiting my whole life to be.’”
“We need to learn to observe and listen to people more to get to know them.”
“Whatever happens, happens. Accept things and move on.”
“If I could eat without gaining weight or getting unhealthy, I would eat all the time.”

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