Bruce Chatwin Best Quotes

Charles Bruce Chatwin was an English writer whose best known works are In Patagonia and The Songlines. Enjoy Bruce Chatwin’s best quotes below.

Bruce Chatwin
“The history of Buenos Aires is written in its telephone directory. Pompey Romanov, Emilio Rommel, Crespina D. Z. de Rose, Ladislao Radziwil, and Elizabeta Marta Callman de Rothschild – five names taken at random from among the R’s – told a story of exile, desolation, disillusion, and anxiety behind lace curtains.”
“As you go along, you literally collect places. I’m fed up with going to places; I shan’t go to anymore.”
“I learned about Chinese ceramics and African sculptures, I aired my scanty knowledge of the French Impressionists, and I prospered.”

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